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How In-N-Out designed the world’s best pricing table

What do you notice about In-N-Out’s menu above?

How does it compare to other fast-food places like: Taco Bell, Mcdonald’s or whatever?

The sheer lack of options at In-N-Out is probably it’s most unique feature.

It’s also a huge selling point to me. They’ve taken the work away and decided that what they sell is burgers and fries. That’s it.

The only decision you need to make is whether you want burgers and fries. If yes, come on down to In-N-Out.

Once you’re here, there are no more decisions necessary.

Walk in and enjoy.

In a world where we’re constantly bombarded with micro-decisions, having options taken away is refreshing. It’s easy.

There’s not a million options. There’s no breakfast menu, no chicken tenders, no nachos, no tacos, and no ice cream cones. They’ve decided to focus on what they do best, and we get to save brain power.

So why don’t all companies do this?

Well, there are drawbacks. Jack in the Box probably thinks that if they remove the plethora of options on their menu, they’d lose sales. And they’re probably right. They’ve chosen to keep that revenue at the expense of the added cognitive load on their customers.

But In-N-Out doesn’t care about how much money they could make if they sold chicken sandwiches.

They care about burgers and fries.

They’re specialists.

And they dominate because of it.

The mantra that I see at work here is: “seek responsibility.”

Where other companies pass the buck, In-N-Out has made it THEIRresponsibility to choose what they present to you. No one forced them to make that their job.

They seeked it.

It’s one of the healthiest mindsets to have, not just in busines but in life.

It gives you back power. It’s helped me take back responsibility for what happens in my life instead of putting the blame on others.

That’s powerful. No longer am I fat because my family keeps too many snacks in the cupboard. It’s because I haven’t taken responsibility for the amount of snacks I eat.

Subtle difference, but huge change in results.

Before I was a victim, after I was in control.

And it’s the same in business.

Are you seeking responsibility or passing the buck?